Supreme Court Reaffirms Sole Authority to Overrule Precedents

The Supreme Court issued its first decision of the October 2016 term, a per curiam (unsigned) opinion in Bosse v. Oklahoma, on Tuesday, October 11. Bosse, a simple case involving the use of victim impact statements (testimony from the relatives of the victims of a crime) retains some limits that such statements.

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Death in Florida: Predicting Hurst v. Florida

While Florida may seem to many to be a lawless state where crime is committed without penalty, the state’s justice system occasionally overcompensates and allows judges in trial courts to ignore a jury’s sentence recommendation. In 1998, Timothy Lee Hurst murdered his co-worker at a local Popeye’s as he tried to rob it. The jury in his trial voted to declare him guilty and, along a 7-5 margin, to recommend the death sentence.

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